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parish and school CYO Athletic Directors can be found here.

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CYO 2017-2018 Season


If you are looking for registration information please contact your home parish.

CYO is all run at the parish level therefore, each parish determines when
registration begins and ends andwhen practices start, what days and times and determines
their own registration costs etc. 
There are rules regarding team makeup, there are no tryouts for any CYO sports
in the Diocese of Rochester. It is preferred that you play for the parish that you are
registered with and attend. However, if you are not registered at a parish, then you can
sign up at whatever parish is closest to your home that has a CYO program. But, all
CYO teams are to be filled by parishioners who wish to play and the  
roster must be 66% registered parishioners or greater.
 The commitment and support that parents, coaches,
and staff offer to our young people make this program possible.

CYO Athletic Director Job Description

Mission of CYO 

Zero Tolerance Statement

CYO does not provide accident insurance. 
All team members are responsible for their own medical coverage.
CYO encourages that each team have present a person trained in First Aid or CPR.
If an individual team member has not been able to participate due to a serious injury or an extended illness, a Doctor’s written permission slip must be obtained before allowing the individual to resume participation.
There must be at least two credentialed people aged 21 or over
with each team for all games and practices.
The Coach and an adult supervisor must be with the team at all times until the player is picked up by their parent or authorized adult.