CYO Athletics

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

Athletic Director Job Description

The parish athletic director is responsible for the overall conduct of the parish CYO athletic program. She/he is responsible to the pastor. All parishes participating in the CYO program must have an athletic director who has been appointed by the pastor.

Athletic directors will receive information from Alison LeChase, Project Manager for Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Rochester. They are responsible for disseminating this information to their parish programs.

Responsibilities of the athletic director include:

  1. Recruiting and training qualified coaches for all teams. Providing coaches with Coaches Certification Workshop information and ensuring that the coaches are properly credentialed for that sport season.
  2. Conducting an information meeting for all coaches prior to each season to discuss rules and rule changes, league information, CYO and coaching philosophy, and other necessary information for the coming year. Being certain that there are a minimum of two adults present at all activities.
  3. Providing information for coaches to host parent information meetings for parents of participants. Coordinating parent programs and attend parent meeting as necessary.  Checking to be certain that all teams have hosted parent meetings.
  4. Representing the parish in diocesan meetings (or send a representative) and contribute to diocesan activities.
  5. Being knowledgeable of the CYO Bylaws and the league rules. Ensuring that the philosophy of the CYO program is followed. Being certain that all players are eligible to participate.
  6. Organizing the parish athletic program and support functions including: Arranging for registration of team players. Distributing registration material; setting time and location for registration. Acquiring and maintaining equipment, first aid supplies, uniforms. Scheduling practice facilities. Distributing league schedules to all coaches. Any change in the schedule or request for a change must be made through the athletic director.
  7. Checking with the parish and school calendars to avoid schedule conflicts. Meeting, at least annually, with the pastor, youth minister, and DRE to discuss the CYO program. Working with parish leaders to avoid conflict with other parish programs and to promote the CYO program in the parish.
  8. In conjunction with parents and parish leaders, arranging to evaluate teams and coaches after each season.
  9. Conducting at least one Eucharistic celebration for the players; a Mass of Thanksgiving for the talents given by God.
  10. Organizing a parish CYO board to support the athletic program.