CYO Athletics

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

Coaching Expectations

Registered Coach of the team must be 21 years old.
In striving to exemplify the behavior of a committed Christian Adult, the CYO Coach agrees to enhance a Youth Ministry philosophy by:

o   recognizing that the purpose of athletics is to promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical well being of the individual player

o   offering opportunities for players to live out the teaching of their faith

o   emphasizing the proper ideals of ethical conducts, sportsmanship and fair play

o   achieving a thorough understanding and acceptance of the spirit and the letter of the rules of the program and the standards of eligibility

o   encouraging leadership, use of initiative, and good judgment by all players

o   remembering that an athletic contest is only a game, for players, Coaches, officials, fans, community

o   stressing the values derived from playing the game fairly

o   showing courtesy to visiting Coaches, officials and players

o   encouraging a friendly relationship between visitors and host

The Coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her players at all games and practice    times, including group travel to and from games and practices.
The Coach is responsible for interpreting the spirit and the letter of those rules to the team members, parents and other appropriate personnel for the sponsoring organization.
The Coach is responsible for the timely submission complete and accurate team rosters.  CYO permission slips, changes and additions to the roster, and any other forms, which CYO may require.
The Coach of the winning team must submit scores online via the website under the Coaches Information tab
Coaches are responsible for the final score of the game, and will be held accountable for outrageous scores.  If your team is much better than the opposing team, then it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not embarrass the other team.  Once you have a comfortable lead, you can substitute bench players, you can pull players, stop scoring, switch offensive players with defensive players, or take shots that the goalie can stop.  Use this as an opportunity to teach your players about sportsmanship. 
All Coaches, parents, and players are required to sign a code of conduct, and are expected to follow the standards set forth in this document.  Coaches, who violate these CYO standards or receive Red Cards, for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, will be subject to “Penalties and Disciplinary Actions.”
Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, and MUST take action during a game to defuse situations before they escalate.  CYO and game officials will not tolerate the bad behavior. Players will be ejected from game, placed on probation, or removed from the league. 
The Coaches must have a team meeting with the parents and players before the season starts to read these rules, and make sure they understand that the rules will be vigorously enforced.  Each Coach, Player and Parent must sign a “Code of Conduct” form at this meeting and submit these forms to the Parish Athletic Director.  If called upon by the CYO Administrator, an AD must be able to produce this “Code of Conduct” document if asked.